44th Malone Beavers visit to the Foodbank

12th February 2024

On Friday night past (9th Feb) we had a small and excited group of Beavers (including my 7 year old son) join us in the SBFB warehouse for an hour to help us make up some emergency food boxes.

All 6 beavers of the 44th Malone Colony were super helpful, and they even brought a food donation with them too. THANK YOU so much for your food donation.

They were working on their ‘World Challenge award’ and were thinking of ways to help people in our community, so the idea to come and help out at the Foodbank made complete sense.

They achieved, very enthusiastically, to make and fill 10 single Emergency Food Boxes, and they even helped me weigh the parcels on the industrial scale and take them to our delivery depot a few units up. I was impressed at their passion and drive and also the way they worked together. They signed their names on our ‘Stock OUT’ form too.

I got to share a bit about why foodbanks exist and that in a country such as ours  -we shouldn’t have foodbanks whatsoever. I do think the future is in safe hands with a group such as these, who are beginning to understand that life for some is very difficult, and that not all people have enough (money/food/work) to really thrive as they should. I think these Beavers will help make their world  more just and equal – where everyone has enough.

Thank you to all at 44th Malone Beaver Colony! Top marks!

(All photos shared with permission)


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