Guarantee Essentials Campaign

11th September 2023

I am Bruce, Project Manager for the South Belfast Food bank. I mobilise almost 100 volunteers to collect, sort and process food and then organise the distribution point in inner South Belfast.

Hunger in our communities is growing at such an alarming rate, it really scares me. We recently had to add an additional evening session at our food bank so we can support people in work who need our help. I’m worried by the growth of need and believe it cannot go on.
We need changes that enable people’s income to increase because everyone should be able to afford life’s essentials. 

That’s why today I am in front of this billboard in Belfast, asking people in my community to help us guarantee our essentials. I am talking to local people, highlighting the increasing food bank need in my area and asking for their help to change this for us all.

And it’s not just me who is out today – I am joined by staff and volunteers from food banks all around the UK who are also taking the Guarantee our Essentials campaign to their communities.

Together, our voices are powerful and we’re asking people to take action alongside us and sign our petition which calls on UK political party leaders to support the introduction of an Essentials Guarantee.

You can support us from home and I would be so grateful if you could add your voice and sign our petition. The more people that get behind this campaign, the greater the influence and chances of us creating change.

Add your name today

Adding your voice today means you can stand shoulder to shoulder with food banks across the UK calling for change and I am so grateful for your support.

Your voice counts, thank you.

Bruce Gardiner-Crehan 
Project Manager
South Belfast Food Bank 

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