About our foodbank

South Belfast Foodbank

In 2014, City Church Belfast, in the South of city, felt called to respond to the poverty they observed in their locality.

One of the City Church staff, Bruce Gardiner Crehan, had the dream of providing food and signposting support to those in need. City Church Belfast supported this vision and after meeting with other interested local churches, the South Belfast Trussell Trust Foodbank was born.

City Church Belfast seconded Bruce to be the first part-time Manager, and other local church communities provided volunteers to gather, sort and distribute the food, talk to clients, signpost them to further helpful agencies and to form a Steering Board.  Seven years later, South Belfast Foodbank has grown from strength to strength to become an important source of support for those in need in South Belfast.

Much has changed since 2014 and governance requirements and accountability for voluntary organizations are becoming ever more complex.  Because of this and the growth of the work of the Foodbank, it was felt that it was the right time for South Belfast Foodbank to evolve as a separate charity and to take full responsibility for itself at every level.

South Belfast Foodbank became a Charitable Ltd Company on 1st July 2021 and has at its core the desire to provide emergency food supplies, help and support to those in need, in accordance with our Christian Principles.  City Church Belfast will continue to support South Belfast Foodbank with practical and prayerful support alongside the other 30 partner churches.

South Belfast Foodbank is excited to start the next phase of its journey and we hope you will continue to support us with your prayers, time, and donations.

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