Donation Point reopened

14th June 2021

Drum roll!!!!

We are pleased to announce that we are re-starting to collect physical donations of food from the general public starting week beginning Monday 14th June 2021.

From then on, on both Wednesday afternoons between 1-3pm and Thursday mornings between 10am-12pm, we will be accepting donations of food into our Warehouse at Unit 4.

Address: South Belfast Foodbank, Unit 4, 23 Sunwich Street, Belfast, BT6 8HR

When you call by Unit 4, you will be asked to grab some empty plastic crates and take it to your car to fill the crates and then bring these filled crates to our volunteers. We’d also love to take your name and business/group/church name and a contact e-mail to be able to thank you, so please let us know that if you’re ok with us collecting this data. We do have a privacy policy if you’d like to see that.

Please make sure you wear a mask and keep socially distant too. If you have any Covid symptoms, or feel in any way unwell, PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP TO DONATE YOUR FOOD AT THE FOODBANK.

Thank you for your patience with us as we took the cautious decision to not accept food donations due to Covid and the possible transmission of the virus. If Covid infections begin to rise sharply in N.I, we might take the decision to once again place a restriction on members of the public turning up to our warehouse to donate food.

As always, we continue to collect food at our collection point based up at Tesco Newtownbreda, but that is only for ‘in-store shoppers only’. Please do not drop in food not bought at Tesco.

In terms of what we need – please try to stick as closely as you can to this list: Tinned Fish, Tinned Veg, UHT Milk and UHT Juice, Tinned potatoes/Smash, Tinned Fruit, Coffee, Fairy Liquid, Household cleaning items, Detergent, Toiletries.

***We have plenty of Pasta, Soup, Beans, Pasta Sauce, and Tea***

N.B If you are planning to do a large-scale collection of food with multiple contacts and groups, then please contact us in advance before going ahead with this. Thank you.

I attach our current most up-to-date shopping list.

Thank you in advance for all your donations.


Bruce Gardiner-Crehan

South Belfast Foodbank Project Manager

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