6th October 2021

What a 7 years we have had – running a very simple idea of a foodbank – helping vulnerable people who are in emergencies and getting them vital food supplies.
Since opening we have supported around 34,590 clients. It’s an eye watering amount, but what a privilege to have helped, loved, cared for, hoped for  – some we have even had the privilege of praying for. These are just stats – they are people, families, children. Our hearts always go out to them.
You’ll be amazed to hear that we have given away over 275 tonnes of food! I can’t quite believe that stat – but we’ve been able to give that away due to such generous donors like you – the likes of our partner Churches, our local businesses and schools, and plenty of lovely individuals all wanting to do their bit to help those less fortunate. What a generous society we live in!
We have redeemed over 14,000 vouchers, all referred by our partner agencies. These are our MLA offices, our Churches, social workers, Red Cross, NICRAS etc. They are on the frontline, seeing and working with people in need.
We find ourselves operating our current delivery-only model, delivering food parcels to clients across South Belfast Monday to Friday. We are working on a new face-to-face session that we hope will be ready by November. Watch this space!
I’ll leave you with a verse from Psalm 140:12 ‘I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy.’ We hope to seek more than just food for people, but justice for their very lives. We believe justice looks like everyone having enough, enough food and money to thrive and live their lives free from the effects of poverty. We ultimately believe that justice means that the above stats can change – working towards a just society with no need for foodbanks.
Best wishes
Bruce Gardiner-Crehan
South Belfast Foodbank Project Manager

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